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The clutch is an integral and essential mechanism of your car that allows your engine to transfer power to the front or rear wheels via the gearbox. Primarily the clutch is a heavy duty friction plate that comes fully into contact with the engine when your foot is lifted off the clutch pedal. As you release your foot from the pedal this friction plate transfers the engine power through the gearbox and into the driveshafts resulting in wheel rotation.

Examples of our prices

Fiat Punto £275
See below for more prices

Why do clutches wear out or fail?

Your clutch undergoes a lot of work everytime you drive you car, everytime time you push the pedal to the floor and change gear the friction plate experiences a significant rise in temperature. Eventually the repeated heat fluctuation and combined wear of the friction plate will normally cause friction loss 'clutch slippage' and this is when you may notice that your car has less acceleration power or struggles to climb hills like it used to.

Other symptoms of wear can include difficulty selecting multiple gears or a grinding noise coming from your engine bay when your clutch pedal is pressed down.

If you think your clutch may be worn and are looking for an affordable replacement, Alex can help as he will be able to give you complete price for your new clutch inclusive of parts and labour.

All clutches come complete with the full manufactures warranty as standard.

Below is a comprehensive price list for most cars up to 1.6 engine size. These prices include labour and parts.

Please note prices listed below are for petrol variants and do not include sports variations such as Civic Type R, Cooper S, GTI etc & Semi automatic's

Fiat Punto £275

Fiat 500 £250

Renault Clio £300

Citroen C1 (From £300)

Citroen C2 (From £300)

Citroen C3 (From £300)

Peugeot 107 (From £280)

Peugeot 207 (From £295)

Peugeot 307 (From £300)

Peugeot 308 (From £400)

Ford Focus (From £300)

Ford KA (£300)

Ford Fiesta (From £300)

Ford Fusion (From £300)

Vauxhall Corsa (From £275)

Vauxhall Astra (From £350)

Vauxhall Meriva (From £380)

Toyota Yaris (From £250)

Kia Picanto (From £250)

Kia Rio (From £250)

Kia Ceed (From £320)

Hyundai Getz (From £250)

Suzuki Swift (From £400)

Seat Ibiza (From £300)

Seat Arosa (From £250)

Chevrolet / Daewoo Matiz (From £250)

Chevrolet Kalos (From £250)

VW Polo (From £280)

VW Fox (From £280)

VW Fox (From £280)