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Specialists in Ford Powershift gearbox repairs (fitted 2009-2015)

Mechatronic & Valve Body Replacement from £1100

Main Gearbox Replacement including valve body & clutch from £1800

Main Gearbox Replacement with mechatronics from £2200

The 6DCT450 Powershift is fitted to the Ford Galaxy, Focus, Mondeo, S Max and C Max. The gearbox uses a Dual Clutch design that features extremely smooth gear changes, improved fuel economy and lower emissions than it's predecessors. The 6DCT450 MPS6 was fitted between the years of 2009 until 2015 on the above car models.

When working correctly the 6DCT450 gearbox is a complete pleasure to drive due to it's seamless gear changes thanks to it's unique dual clutch design.

However many Ford powershift owners are starting to experience problems with their dual clutch automatic gearbox with symptoms ranging from complete loss of drive whilst on the road, to difficulty selecting gears, juddering on acceleration / deceleration and their car being stuck in one gear or limited gear ranges.

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