Timing Chain Replacement

Timing chains are common on many modern vehicles. The correct timing is crucial to your engines performance and reliability.

Manufactures tend to state that a timing chain should last the life of the vehicle without replacement. This in part is true as the chain itself is very unlikely to break and cause engine damage or problems, however in reality they are let down by the tensioners that are used to keep the chain in place to the desired tension.

Symptoms of a timing chain fault can normally include a light rattling coming from the engine and/or poor engine performance, this may even include stalling or your car not starting from hot or cold.

We can replace timing chains from only £300 inclusive of parts and labour. Please send us an email for a quote.

A few vehicles that suffer timing chain problems are

Vauxhall Corsa D 1.2 / 1.4 (Replacement from £350)
Nissan Micra K12 2002 - 2010 (Replacement from £350)
Mazda 2.2 diesel engine (normally Mazda 6 variant) (Replacement from £800)
Suzuki SX4 1.6 (Replacement from £450)
Mercedes B Class (Replacement from £700)

Please contact us for a fixed price quotation.

Please note we do not repair timing chains on VW TFSI / TSI engines & BMW N47/N57 diesel engines.